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another 2 week wait commences...

i believe i've started another's to a more successful new year! 

anyone else starting the wait?


  • @ QnbeeI just started my first round of clomid this month. My hubby had a sperm analysis done which was good and I had a progesterone test done and my levels are low. We tried a year and a half on our own. The doctor decided clomid was our next option. I do ovulate every month on my own though. My periods are every 27 days and I got a positive on an opk on cycle day 13. i go for my progestrone test tomorrow. I am glad to finally have found some other women who can relate to me. We are currently in the dreaded two week wait as well!
  • good luck danielle!


  • Thank you, you too!
  • Me too. I don't have any hope now. Just expecting the same outcome as usual. Good luck ladies x
  • thanks danielle!  

    brandnewwifey, i know how you feel.  it's easy to expect and much more difficult to have hope.  i'm not having any symptoms at 6dpo, so i'm really trying to not lose all hope myself.  maybe it's too early?

    see?  i'm pushing!  please try to hope a little.

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