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Metformin and Clomid Hopes

Hello ladies. I have taken a long break but I'm back with high hopes. I have 1 son who will be 6 next month, I had a mc in 2009 and haven't been able to conceive ever since. I just switched doctors last month and he put me on metformin 1500mg daily and I will take clomid when af arrives. I have only been taking 500-1000mg because I was so nervous about bad side effects, and today I finally decided to take 1500mg, so far Ive been a little nauseated but its not horrible. Is anyone else taking metformin? Id love to hear from anyone who has experience with this. Thanks :0)


  • Hello maybe try the extended release version? I find taking it at night helps with the side effects
  • Thank you Melmels. Ive been taking 1500 for a while now, but now the issue is that I havent started a cycle yet. I was hoping I could be like many of the women I read about who said they started within a few days or a week but no such luck. I have provera but I really wanted to give the metformin a chance to work. When I told my doctor I hadnt started yet he said to give it 3 months, so I guess now I just have to be patient :0/
  • Don't worry I never started either. I am on proverb now.
  • Are you on it for 10 days also? Sorry my post sounded like I was waiting to take it lol I'm on day 5 of provera right now. Ive taken it 3 times before and it was only for 7 days but my new doctor gave me the 10 day dose. Is there really a major difference? The 7 day dose always worked just fine, but this time around Ive gotten bad headaches 3/5 of the days Ive taken it, Im not sure if I can handle 10. Are you also taking clomid this cycle? Maybe if our days are close enough we can be cycle buddies. image
  • Yeah I been told to take it for 10 days too. Last time I was told to take it for 10 but AF turned up on day 8 of taking provera. I don't think there is a difference. I've red you can take it for 5, 7 or 10 days. I'm tempted to stop taking it on the 8th day. I've got quite bad headaches too. Do you feel like you could eat everything you see??? I can not stop!!! Yeah will take comid days 2-6. Can't wait to start it but not looking forward to the symptoms! ???? X
  • I definitely have a bigger appetite on it! I thought it was just me lol Ive also noticed a couple pimples pop up and I dont typically have skin issues. I havent taken clomid for a couple years so I dont remember the exact symptoms I had but I do remember headaches and hot flashes, mainly at night. Im also not looking forward to it. Today was day 6 of provera for me and so far I dont feel like Im going to start af, not even any cramps. Im taking 50mg of clomid this cycle, but Im tempted to go ahead and fill my 2nd prescription and take 100mg instead bc 50 never worked last time. Then again I wasnt taking metformin with it. Do you think I should?
  • Hey Melmels. How are you doing on the provera? I ended up in the ER last night with a horrible migraine and even after they gave me a shot for it I still had it until this afternoon so I decided to stop early. I took it for 7 days and today would have been the 8th day, Ive been having cramps already so Im hoping that Ill start within the next couple of days. I also decided to go ahead and take 100mg of clomid just to be on the safe side. My bday is next month so Im praying for a bday bfp image
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