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2 week wait begins

Anyone else in their 2ww?! Mine begins today image ??????


  • Hi Kymbo, I'm joining you in dreaded 2ww, I think I ov'd quite late this month; cd21 so I think I'm around 3dpo.

    good luck!x

  • Good luck Carioke I have my fingers crossed for you.

    Ive just had my blastocyst implanted this morning (icsi treatment) so my 2ww begins as of today image
  • sounds like you've had a tough ride, I hope it all works out for you! fc x

  • Certainly s rough ride b7t under the circumstances worth every second
  • If you've had it implanted does that mean you will defo be pg? do you pay for it? We've been ttc for over a year now; I've had all my blood tests which all came out fine but hubby is very reluctant to have his test as already thinks he has the problem if all my tests were fine! 

  • No ur not Definately gaurenteed yo get pregnant and we re not entitled to it on the nhs so had to pay ??3500 for vasectomy reversal which failed then we started icsi treatment which is roughly ??6500. If neither of you have children but go to the drs they will help you.
  • Hope all goes ok for you both, my husband and I had to start treatment a few years ago and it seem quite a long haul, but we got a little boy out of it. I hope neither of you will have to wait long at all.

  • Wow, that is a lot of money, I do hope it works, fc for you!!

    we both have children from previous relationships; I just decided I wanted one together but the time wasn't right till I was 39, Thinking I've left it too late now and I know hubby will not want to go down the route of paying for treatment!! so I just have to live in hope I will get a bfp soon !!

    lovely to hear it worked for you rachelivf


  • Thank you carioke, we're very lucky, but as it cleaned our wallets and purses out we're not sure if we're going to give the IVF another try in the next year or so. If anyone has a few thousand pounds they want to get rid of my bank account number is..... image

  • Haha Rachel. ... me first!!! Ive got such bad period pains I really think it hasnt worked, this is mental torture image x
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