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Unmedicated IUI?

Wondered if there is anyone out there wanting to share their experiences of unmedicated IUI? I am aware the success rates are not that high, but there is always hope : )

Jo x


  • Hi joey,

    I haven't heard of unmedicated iui. I'm currently weighing up the vast cost of ivf against the much lower success rates of iui. It's all such a tough decision. Are you classed as 'unexplained'?
  • Hi Joey, I'm not able to share experience but I wish you all the luck in the world with it!

    Best of luck to you aswell Andi30xx


  • Hi,  I also have not heard of unmedicated IUI, but I had IUI last year with injections daily, and feel pregnant on our 1st cycle, and now have a wonderful 4 month old baby.  Yes, the success rates are much lower than IVF (We got told we had a 1 in 6 chances of it working), but for us, this is what we had to do.  I know this does not answer your questions, but I wanted to give hope to people that IUI does work, and it can work on the 1st go.  Good luck to you all

  • Hi all, sorry wrote a massive reply and wasnt signed in grrr! yeah we are unexplained : ( such a frustrating diagnosis. We have been advised to have my AMH levels tested unforrtunatley it is not offered on the nhs through the gp though. For us we just wanted to give it one go without meds, we have had such mixed advise re: clomid for when you are ov on your own. I am not saying I wont take meds as to be honest there are not many ooptions without, just want to give it one go. 

    I think with unmedicated the sample is spun and therefore only 'best' sperm are used, even if the sample is within normal range there are still alot of iffy ones. So I guess that can only help and also they are placed higher than would normally be the case. But apart from that there is no magic. He have been to the gp and asked for a referral to another clininc as ours does not offer unmedicated. It is a cheaper option to due to no meds cost. I am going to ask for monitored (they will do an ultrasound) to be really sure of ov, otherwise it is just opks. Will keep you posted, any q's just ask.

    Thank you for your well wishes

    Jo x

  • Hi Joey,

    How did your experience go in the end? Do you end up pursuing unmedicated IUI?

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