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CD21, progesterone test results

hi ladies, just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation or can give me an idea what this may mean. we have been ttc for 2 years, i have a son from prev relationship who is nearly 5, i havent ovulated since i had him, i have a blocked tube & partner has slightly lower than average sperm count, this was our first month on clomid 50mg, i got my day 21 test results back yesterday the results came back at 54! i am over the moon as i know i have finaly ovulated but looking on google etc this is aparently quiet high and not sure what to make of this? im on cd30 atm , my cycles have been all over the place since i had a laparoscopy done so not sure if im late or early too test lol! any help or advice would be apreciated thanks x


  • Hi Kellx

    That's a really good result but doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant, might mean you ovulated two eggs instead or that you just had a really good response.

    On my second month of clomid I conceived and my day 21 was 45, I had a miscarriage and then restarted Clomid. The first month back on it the day 21 was 73 and I was convinced I was pregnant but wasn't and it was really crushing.

    Clomid does work but try to relax about it and try your best not to symptom spot! I'm currently pregnant again 6 months after my mc, after 100mg of clomid, metformin and trigger injectin.

    Try doing some stuff for your hubby t improve his count; he should avoid hot baths and tight underwear. If he drinks a lot of beer he should switch to red wine as beer contains oestrogen which isn't great for sperm count.

    And relax - youve conceived a baby before you know you can do it!

    Good luck

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