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PCOS and Metformin

Hi everyone, 

I've been battling pcos since I was a teenager, now I'm 27. Married and ttc #1

I am on metformin medication as I have pcos, just started on 10th April.
My cycles are very irregular and period comes as often as twice in a month. My cycles have never exceeded 29 days. But now it's already CD 36. My previous period was from 25th March - 2nd April.

My husband and I hade intercourse on 11th April & 14th April. My question is why is there a delay in my period? Is there any possibility that I may be pregnant? I've taken a pregnancy test a week ago but was negative.

My symptoms are bloating, nausea, headache, cramping, backache
Really appreciate your feedbacks. Tq


  • hi Belta, I'm 31, been ttc for 1st for 3yrs was diagnosed pco about 4 yrs ago. my cycles have never been regular, they range from 28 - 52 days. We're just waiting for a date from referral to see fertility doc after having countless tests!

    I do suffer with all you have listed most cycles, although if you havent before it could be down to the metformin, how long have you been taking it?

    the good news is my sister in law is also pcos and fell with my nephew whilst be treated with metformin so it really does help!

    how long have you been trying for? I know it can be very frustrating, and down days are very common with me, but I do try to stay possitive as hard as it is.

    dont know if any of this helps but sometimes its just nice to know people are going through the same, and your not alone. I've found this site a big help, hopefully you will to.

    wishing you a happy ever after.


  • I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2002.I am trying to get pregnant from 2010 and have undergone several clomid cycles with no success .

    We have stopped fertility treatment from last 2 years and just taking metformin from last 8 months.

    My periods are irregular even with metformin . However after missing my periods on 8 may 2014 , I took a HPT and it showed -ve. Again I did the test on 28 th may 2014 and it's positive. I have testing everyday since then and it's all positive. I do not have any pregnancy symptoms. I am not sure wats happening. I am going to see my doctor next week.
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