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ladies please help

posted a few threads now over the past few weeks but still hopefull but skeptical 

need any advice here

i posted over a week ago about symptoms but since then everything has changed. 

since my last post all symptoms disapeered. my af was due today i have no pms symptoms at all except cramping like af is coming i was gagging whilst brushing teeth. but this morning noticed that my cervix was high soft and closed. and i have a white lotion type cm. which im usually dry before af. i have taken 2 cheapo tests and both BFN im so confused right now im going to retest in a few days if no af. if anyone has any idea or similiar experiences any advice would be great.


  • All I can suggest is to retest with maybe a better test, super drug own are still cheap but quite sensitive. Make sure you use fmu. I didn't get a positive until a few days after at was due. X

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