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Everyone is pregnant but me, including my mother.

After years of trying to conceive, my husband and I began pursuing assistance. We found out that my husbands swimmers weren't working so well, due to a varicocelle. 1 year ago, post varicocelle repair, his swimmers had been given the green light. However, still no kiddos for us. Further testing on me resulted in no findings as to why we shouldn't be able to conceive, it did however, reveal that I had a problem with my heart, and needed immediate surgery. I am now 6 months post heart surgery, and was told about three months ago, that a high risk dr won't deliver me. I had an IUD placed until my heart was given the clear by my cardiologist to attempt conception again. Today however, I find out that my mother is pregnant, my best friend is pregnant, my coworker is pregnant, everyone and their flippin dog is pregnant. I could seriously strangle someone. How do I not be such a raving lunatic? Friends and family are trying to lean on me for support, and I'm being supportive, but the snap is coming, I can feel it. Any advice? I don't want sympathy, I just need help getting out of this rut! I know that I physically can't have a baby right now, but after trying for years, and now being told I can't conveive, I obviously want a baby more then ever!


  • It's hard enough seeing my friends get pregnant, especially when they "weren't even trying." If my mom was pregnant, that would just put me over the top! I feel your frustration! Hang in there! Keep faith and as hard as it may be!
  • Hi Guys, I think every woman goes through this when TTC.

    One positive you should take out of this is that they caught your heart condition.

    Im sure the time will come when you are given the all clear. And then you can start the journey of baby making once again...

    I feel your pain though, my partner and I are waiting on our first appointment (been told the wait is about 7 mths) and everyone and their friend is pregnant around me! its so frustrating because no one knows what you are going through. People with children already or who are pregnant dont understand and I was like you, ready to snap.... and I did... I had a complete emotional meltdown, in the middle of a nightclub ladies.... awful experience haha! And if I am being truthfully honest, I still have days like that.... I have good days and bad days, but I need to remind myself to stay positive...

    My partner and I are now at the 2yr mark... xxx

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