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Really getting fed up now... :'(

weve been ttc since getting married on 8.8.12 and are getting nowhere fast. I've had all the blood tests, scans etc. had a cyst on left ovary do that's been removed in aug this year. I have had 2 periods since that operation. Was really hoping now that my cyst bad ovary and tube have been removed I would concieve but nope! Fed up of feeling sad and wondering when my time will come. Had a reading off one of the ladies, I should have conceived this month but clearly she was wrong else my period wouldn't have arrived yesterday image I'm getting frustrated as no one else seems to be in sane position family just don't understand I'm sick of hearing your time will come you'll see or forget trying so hard!! Just because all if them fell pregnant without even planning it. Life really isn't fair. Out of hubby's 8 brothers and sisters all bur one had kids, he has 16 nieces and nephews and we just can't even get pregnant with one not one if them understand and IM fed up of feeling angry upset stressed confused and annoyed why me why do I have to be the one to have problems when we are trying to do things the right way why can't I get what I want when I've made sure that this child is wanted planned with a roof over our heads and decent jobs instead of not working and being on benefits I'm really not liking the raw deal I've been dealt and really wonder what I've done to deserve this reall and truly 


  • I know exactly how you feel i have been trying with my partner for over a year now. everyone around us is having children. my boyfriends parents are always hinting at us but they dont know that we are trying and it really is depressing. i convince myself every month that i am and then af always comes along and smashes our dreams. its not daft to cry when mother nature strikes, but if it is then that makes two of us!
  • Hi Kayla-ttc thankyou for replying to my post. Just been at Inlaws over weekend for a funeral and ended up with a headache very night and feeling depressed as all they spoke about was babies. Feel very sad low and depressed ATM we left without saying bye 

  • I know exactly how you feel. Been trying for 16 months with nothing except a possible early miscarriage but dont know for sure. We had tests at the beginning of July and we don't get the results until our appointment at the end of nov. why is it so slow? We know hubby has a low sperm count but we dont know how likely it is that we can get pregnant naturally. I'm so angry that this has happened to us. People who are unemployed, drink and smoke, it happens so easily. We have A house and good jobs and can't have the one thing we desperately want. life is so unfair.

  • Trixie45 completely agree if people are on benefits they don't have to pay a bean!!' Grr I've just been on Facebook to find 3 people are pregnant all have got a child already image we tried to do everything in the right order. Hubby is one of 9, he is number 4. Number 1 had 2 kids when I married and now 4 in total don't work,council house, number 2 has 3 kids, doesn't work and council house, number 3 one child doesn't work and council has, hubby number 4 has none, number 5, 3 kids, partner not married council house, number 6 has 2 kids not married at the time but is now... was private renting 3 times lost house, not working, number 7 has 2 kids never worked. Council house, number 8 single parent lives with parents works part time, number 9 no kids yet. 

    It is just so frustrating !!! I don't understand why nhs takes sooo long it's a joke ive been under hospital since April had to wait 4 months for op, hubby refered for sperm test and  they wouldn't freeze my eggs or test my tubes even though now only got one ovary, every month I'm just left trying not to get my hopes up image 

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