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First SA Result

Have been TTC for over 12 months with no success. image

My partner got his first SA results over the phone just before the weekend, count was 5 million and motility was 45%, not sure of morphology number hoping we get the full results through the post so I can get the full picture but I think the GP was a bit vague with my partner on the phone. 

GP advice was that the results weren't awful and we should give it another 6 months and see what happens. Given everything I've read says count should be at least 20 million I'm a little annoyed the GP is being so dismissive - should I be pushing for fertility treatment now? What should motility and morphology be? 

Can anybody recommend vitamins and dosages that have improved count?


  • Hey Tashax sorry to hear you've not been treated very well By the doctor. A friend of mine, her husband has the same sperm count is your Dh. They are now having ivf. Their doctor said the chance of naturally conceiving is not impossible but could also take a long time given the count. If it was me personally I would want to be referred to the fertility clinic for treatment after 12 months of trying and with that count it is low I'm afraid. I think you have every right to request a new doctor. Also get your partner taking vitamins the Wellman conception and maca root are good. Of course is up to you and if  keep going for another six months it may happen naturally u just never know. Good luck in your journey keep us updated x

  • Oh also he needs to have a healthy diet, no smoking and hardly any alcohol and it might improve X

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