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Ultrasound and then HSG?

Hi everyone,

so we are now officially in our 21. cycle of ttc that makes 18-19 months of trying. 

Next week I am at the clinic for an ultrasound check to see if anything is wrong and what could possibly could give me such painful periods. I know it might be Endo or cysts. The weird thing is that I sometimes go for a couple of months without a real period only spotting or light flow for one day!! and then during these cycles I have no pain at all and then suddenly 3 months later I have the worst painful and heavy periods ever!! image sooo strange. Can anyone relate??

My sister has Endo stage 4 and a lot of cysts she is 42 and never had children even tho they tried for 10 years. 

Anyway my question is: When you girls went for your Ultrasound check up did the hospital do the HSG straight away, did you ask for it or did they put you on another waiting list for a HSG to get your tubes checked? I would really like to get it done asap.

Thing is I am from overseas and I know that here in the UK they sometimes do a laparoscopy and dye test to check the tubes but I think it would be easier to do the HSG first and then when the tubes are blocked to do a lap and dye test. In Austria, Switzerland and Germany we have Endometriosis Centres where they deal with nothing else but Endo and Fertility problems in women!! We have some of the best Centres and Clinics in the world there and its sooo much cheaper then to get it done here private. In Austria and Germany you would pay 1/2 of the price you would pay here.

So if the doctor tells me again that I might have Endo and blocked tubes and this HSG confirms it then I might just save up the money and fly over to Austria or Germany. Oh there are also no waiting lists over there. You can book yourself in and the next day it gets done. My sister is at least every 6 month in a Endometriosis clinic to get treatment. She just went back in last week to change her medication. She highly recommended it to me.

But for now I am just wondering how long it takes before you can get the HSG test done? I live in Scotland. image


Thanks everyone & good luck image

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