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CD32, brown spotting, bfn...

Been ttc for around 18 months... had blood tested and all hormone levels are normal and I appear to ov regularly each month at cd12/13. One issue they have identified is that my cervix appears scarred shut. I do still get periods (albeit a little all over the place... light/heavy/nothing/another burst etc... so fun!) but in Sept the doc couldn't do a hycosy because he physically couldn't fit the catheter up! I'm currently awaiting a consultation with a surgeon who is going to do a laparoscopy and cervical dilation. Fun fun. Anyway... Didn't do an opk this month and only bd around day 8/9... other times were later in cycle... unlikely to be others but... Was due around Thurs last week but nothing so far. Had spotting on Saturday but only slight. One 'wipe' of red but nothing in underwear... everything else is just old brown blood, and again, just when I wipe. Usually I get very sore (.)(.)'s when AF comes, but I have no symptoms this time apart from occasional light cramps. Does this sound like preg or just a very late AF? Did a hpt today at 4pm (cb digital) but it was bfn... will test again tomorrow with fmu. Not sure what I'm asking to be honest... I guess I just wanted to talk to someone who understands. Every time my AF comes it breaks my heart, and I've never been this late before. My hopes are lifting, despite today's bfn. We'd kind of given it a rest this month cos of impending procedures, didn't time our bd well etc, so I'd be surprised... Sorry, I'm blabbing now. Has anyone else spotted like this around when af due and then got a bfp? Raggy xxx


  • It could be because you're pg! But if you still get a bfn in a few days then it's unlikely. It could be that you didn't ovulate? It's normal not to ov once or twice a year and that can really mess up your cycle.

    FX for you, I'm so sorry you're having problems with your cervix, I hope everything is sorted and you get your bfp soon xxx

  • Thank you lou4966.. image

    Seems writing that post tempted fate - af arrived last night.

    Next month perhaps.

    Baby dIsrael to all xx
  • Was that an auto correct fail?! LOL

    Sorry af got you. She's a demon! I know it's frustrating but at least you know where you are in your cycle now. Will keep everything crossed that you get your bfp soon xxx

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