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Normal pregnancy after having Chlamydia for 7 month.

Hey everyone...

   I so upset I let myself down on this one. I had never thought this will be me one day but well its my reality. I caught Chlamydia from my boyfriend of 7 month. I failed to ask for STD check's before having unprotected sex with him because I simply trusted the person. Anyway I was tested positive for Chlamydia when I went to see the Doc since I knew there was something terrible happening down there. All the symptoms that you could expect when you have chlamydia... so the doc said we had caught it early and there should be no worry as there is no much damage done to my reproductive system. I want to believe her.. and I do believe her. BUT my mind won't rest. I read lots of forums and info's online and I just can't happen to ignore all the negative and confronting things I read and I just feel like I will be that 1% who will have no luck in having a normal pregnancy now that this has happened to me. I would love to hear your experiance or ANYTHING you would know about Chlamydia and if anyone on here had a history in the past was able to have a positive outcome when trying to fall pregnant.


Also please if you could let me know what tests I could do to test if my tubes are still ok to ease my mind at least. The doc said that there is no need for that as the pelvic ultrasound wont be able to show any scarring to the tube nor a Hysterosalpingogram as my tubes may be inflammed at this momment. I guess I will have to wait and see.. I would like to hear some experiances please share.



  • I havent had chlamydia but i did have an infection in my fallopian tube caused by a uti. I was told there was a small chance of scarring which could make falling pregnant more difficult or possible to end in ectopic however it took me only a few months to fall pregnant. I think they have to warn you of possibilites but i think its highly unlikely to cause serious problems, especially considering you didnt have any symptoms. There are lots of people out there who naturally take longer to fall than others so all i can say is relax and when the time is right im sure it will happen. X

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