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Hello! Advice on met and Clomid please?

Hi all! I'm new here (I used to be in the TTC forum under different details) so ill introduce myself first. I'm 25, been married to hubby for 5 and a half years, we've been TTC for about 3 years now. Hubby is older than me (he's 38) and we've been undergoing fertility investigations for about a year and a half. I've had various blood tests, an intervaginal ultrasound and a HSG. Hubbys S.A. came back fine, I've been diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed metformin. My cycles were very irregular due to the pcos and they regulated with the met. At my last appointment I was prescribed Clomid as I wasn't ovulating.

So, that aside, here's where I need your advice! Shortly after the appointment where I was prescribed Clomid, hubby and I had the opportunity to buy a house. We were renting and didn't really like the area so we jumped at the chance. We decided with a heavy heart that the best thing to do would be to stop TTC for a while to get settled and money sorted etc, so I never started taking the Clomid, and stopped taking the metformin. My next appointment is in March and I told hubby we needed to make a decision as I needed to cancel the appointment or start taking the met again to get my cycles regular before taking the Clomid. We have decided that neither of us are getting any younger and we now have a house in a nicer area (better schools etc lol) and we would start TTC again. 

I've started taking metformin again and once my cycles are regular again (hoping that won't take too long to happen) I will start the Clomid. I know I need to take it on day 3-7 of my cycle and continue taking met as normal (3 times a day) and that I need to have blood tests on certain days (I'm hoping the forms are in the box with my Clomid but I'm going to check later). 

Has anyone had any experience of both of these drugs together? Clomid didn't work for my mum and I'm a bit worried that ill be the same since she had trouble conceiving as well (though she had my sister and I naturally after stopping trying). Have I done the wrong thing by stopping and restarting the treatment? 

Sorry it's a bit long winded especially for my first post! 

Tia xx

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