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Need advice

Hi for all! a months ago we failed our 6th ivf attempt(( I'm so sad. Decided not to do ivf further, it seems to me for us it is just waste of time. I'm tired of all this. Want to have a rest a bit, to put all this stuff aside. But in future want to use donated eggs, I'm new to this, so want to ask maybe someone of you did it and have experience or know smth abt it, I'll be glad if you share.


  • Hi Liz,

    I'm so sorry it hasn't worked so far for you. image Can't imagine how that must feel.  

    I don't really have any advice because I haven't been through this but didn't want to read and run. Have you tried posting on the IVF and Assisted Conceptions Forum? There might be more ladies who have been through what you are that might be able to help you out xx

    Wishing you all the best xxx

  • Thank you a lot for support! It is really hard but I'm trying to be positive and don't lose hopt.  Thank you for advice I'll join Assisted Conceptions Forum)) Best wishes for youXXX

  • Hello.

    .  I'm 44. I don't ovulate myself anymore, that's why I decided to do the IVF with DE. There were lots of offers, but I've chosen the Spanish clinic IEGRA TRES TORRES in Barcelona, because  they have a guarantee pregnancy program. I've already discussed everything with my manager Elena ([email protected], +44 (203) 411-45-85, Her English is fluent, there was no problem for us to talk, she answered all my questions very politely. My program starts soon , so wish me luck

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