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Recurrent Miscarriages & Now Can't Fall Pregnant

Hi guys, I'm from Australia and have just stumbled across this site!

I'm relieved to be honest as I would love some support, and to hear some success stories. 

I'm 30, and had my daughter 3 years - naturally, no assistance, and a complete accident. Since then we have been trying for another, and have now had 4 miscarriages. All missed miscarriages where we only found at the 13 week scan that our babies have not had heartbeats anymore (despite seeing at 6wk scan), and that they all died around 10-12 week mark.

Obviously that has been distressing... since then however, we've now gone a year without falling pregnant again. It's so strange as actually getting pregnant has never been an issue, its keeping a pregnancy thats been an issue.

We've been through all usual fertility testing, my husbands sperm is fine, tho he does have a varicocele on his testes but doctor assured thats not causing issues.

My testing all fine, had HSG dye test done, no issues, slight endometriosis but not causing issues and again doc said def not a reason to stop us getting pregnant.

We've done two cycles of regular tracking and I ovulate on day 15 every month without assistance and have 28 day cycles.

Doc has now recommend two cycles of Clomid, then if no success two cycles of IUI, then following onto IVF if still nothing.

Today I am day 2, and off to clinic tomorrow on day 3 to see nurse and get Clomid prescription etc.

Is there anyone out there with a similar story?

Now my daughter is 3 our friends are all onto second and third babies. Thankfully we haven't that much pressure as since we have suffered so many miscarriages people avoid asking us when we are trying again, but I am really struggling with not being able to give my daughter a sibling. She asks constantly, and its something that I just can't control which I hate.

My husband is so supportive, but I know its hurting him just as bad.

Basically theres just no reason we suddenly can't fall pregnant. 


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