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Ovulation Confusing

Hi long story short I was on the pill up until last Aug came off had no period for 6 months started having them in Jan but the are like every 6 weeks it varys. Anyway start using dual hormone opk to help, up until may I just got highs then in may i got my first solid image. Got it 10 days after my period. My next period was early July got solid image cycle day 33 Aug 8th but i did start to get highs after my period in July stop testing until my app said and that when i got it. Anyway I was sure i was having implantion bleed 7 days later because it was light brown, but it turnt into once of the worst painful period i ever had. Anyway now on cycle 12-13 i have got a solid image which is the first test i used in the kit and it is only 3 weeks later from last ov and in my early cycle is this a fake ov from the test will i ov again before next period help?


  • Hi, I didn't want to read and run, but to be honest I got a little bit confused reading your post with the dates. Can you be more specific about the dates of your O, and your cycle lengths on those cycles? If not i'd recommend downloading an app to keep track. Generally you should O approx 14 days before AF arrives. Though it can vary slightly from person to person but not usually outside the range of 10-16 days before AF Is due. Sorry I can't be more help x

  • Sorry to sound confusing I had period 7-12 july and ov on 8th august next 

    Period was 19th to 22nd aug and ovulation 29th aug been using clearblue dual hormone ones

    I have pink pad app its says next period due sept 5th but it uses average and I have ov early 

    B4 x

  • No problem it's not easy explaining these things! with only a couple of months worth of data it's not easy to spot patterns. It could be that coming off the pill has messed up your cycle and it might just be getting into a Normal pattern. Below is how I like to summarise my cycles to help look for patterns ( only I've used your data). I think this is correct from your above post. Based on your solid smiley on cd 11 and your previous luteal phase being 11 days it would suggest AF would be due about cd 23 (8th sept). This would be a lot shorter than your previous cycle but I've not heard of the CB OPKs giving false results. these are what I use and I'm on a thread on trying for a baby forum called ovulation test strips by Janice beard and we all use these too. Feel free to look it up and join us.  I know it's not a lot of help but I would just make sure you BD every 2-3 days to be on the safe side until AF or BFP arrive.  The other option is just to keep testing but I know they are expensive to waste. Maybe you could buy some cheap ones off ebay just to use in between to make sure your not missing anything until your cycle gets into a routine.

    7th July = cd1,   O=cd 33,  luteal phase = 11 days, cycle length = 44 days

    19th Aug = cd1, O= cd 11, luteal phase = ? Days,  cycle length = ? Days.

    good luck and lots of baby dust x


  • oh thank u so much understand it bit more now have been tryin to temp but not going well all up and down all I can do is hope x

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