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Hi Everyone image

Wondering if you ladies could offer some insight for me. 

I had a D+C on the 11th of August after a miscarriage at 10+3 and I am pretty sure that my period has started today. I only bled for about 5-6 days after the D+C and haven't had anything since. 

Now comes the TMI part. This morning I had 2 very dark brown/red clumps when wiping and it kind of looked like chicken livers. Is this normal? or should I go to the docs? 

Thank you in advance xxx


  • It's normal Hun, I had the same after 1st period when I lost my little one, but if unsure call the nhs direct line for advice. X

  • Thanks Karen, 

    I thought it was maybe normal but just wanted a bit of insight. TBH ive never been so happy for my period to come. I know this time may be different but at least it is back only 5 weeks after my procedure! xx

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