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faint line?

hi all

please help im due af on sunday and for the past few days ive been feeling sick on and off mostly when I go to bed or first thing in the morning, also im struggling to sleep easy even tho im tired and had a funny taste in mouth now and again. last night I woke up to pee too so I tested early and not sure if I can see a line or not please help?

will test again in a few days as wont be able to wait till sunday



  • ok lots of people looking and not replying if they see my line or not well you don't need to now I know its a line but I was rushed to hospital on Friday night with suspected eptopic

    thankfully not eptopic but I have miscarried again

  • Sophiesmummy - I wasn't a member here when you posted as I was on another forum which has just merged with this one. Your post made me very sad when I was trying to decide whether to make an account and I've only activated my account really so I could reply to you.

    I am so sorry to read that you have miscarried and that despite the large number of views not one person has stopped to reply and to check how you are. I hope you are are doing as well as you can at this difficult time and that you see this post as I know it's been several weeks since you posted it.  x

  • I was also in the same boat as PS and your post made me so sad that lots of views and no one replied.

    I am so sorry that you miscarried and I hope that you are doing okay. 

    We are around if you want someone to talk to image

  • Hi sophiesmummy I'm the same as PS & CC I've come across from MD & only just seen your post. I'm really sorry to read about your mc & sad that no one replied, hope you're doing as well as you can be x

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