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1st cycle on clomid.. Am I ovulating.. Advise please ladies

So I started my 1st cycle on clomid on day 2-6 .. I am now cd11 and have postive ovulation teat today .. Last four testa at 10am, 3.30pm, 5pm and 8pm ... so am I best to ttc tonight?? .. i thought clomid would simulate ovulation cd14.. Am I ovulaying now or just the build up to ovulating in next few days?. Any advise or similar story's would be great .. Im so hoping this is our month .. TTC for 18 months now ... Good luck to all of you xx 


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  • Thanks you for your reply ... Well af arrived today 😔 but had my 21 day bloods taken and my progrestrone level came back at 46.6.. Which indicates I did ovulate. A good sign but still she arrived today . I had a postive opk on cd 11 and cd 12 ... We did the deed on cd 11 , cd 13 and cd 16 but no joy this time . Im going to start on 50g of clomid again tomorrow .. Good luck to you too and thank you for your reply xx

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