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3 years TTC baby number 1, hubby had low thyroid levels. now about to start clomid..

This is my first time on this site, but I needed a place to vent and see if anyone out there has a similar situation.. 

My DH and I have been TTC for 3 years, no luck. We're both young (25) and thought because of that, there would be no issues. We were evidently wrong.

We've never undergone fertility treatments, but have had some tests done recently. Doc discovered my man had hypothyroidism, which results in dangerously low thyroid levels, and low sperm count/motility. So my DH is now taking thyroid hormone pills to hopefully improve all symptoms and sperm health. 

I, myself, have frustrating cycles. Through testing, we've discovered I definitely do not ovulate every month / cycle, and the length of my cycles vary greatly (22-37 days). It's not abnormal for me to ovulate 2 months in a row, then have 3 annovulatory cycles following directly after.

On the months where I DO ovulate, or my body at leasts produces mature eggs and attemps to release them; I have tingly and pin-point like pains in my ovary on the days following, during, and sometimes preceding ovulation. I also sometimes have spotting on the day(s) leading up to O. Those are my clear cut *YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY OVULATE!!!!* signs.

Well, with the DH now taking his pills, I'm deciding to start 50mg clomid this next cycle. Because even though sometimes I have normal ovulatory cycles, it happens so rarely, that my chances of successfully conceiving is still low. 

So.. anyone else out there had trouble TTC due to low thyroid levels? Or any ladies starting clomid for the first time? What about clomid success stories? :)

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