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Hi all,

I've been "lurking" but not posted here before. DH and I have been TTC for 2 years for baby #1. His SA results have come back fine, (so obviously I feel like it's me) my blood tests seem fine, so we've got out first gyno appointment today to move onto the next round of tests.

I'm 30, DH's 39, so far we've tried: conception supplements, folic acid, clear blue ovulation monitor, better diet, tracking CM, and counselling for fertility related depression.

Considering trying acupuncture next, or maybe temperature charting?

Anyway, I thought I'd start a new thread to see if anyone is at a similar part of their journey to becoming a mum. 

Love, prayers and baby dust, image



  • hey there, we are long term ttcers, weve been trying for 4 years now, tried 5 iuis and still cant afford the ivf so we are continuing with more iuis. we have no kids, but we have plenty of dogs and a cat. thats how i cope with my infertility. I am the problem i do not ovulate on my own, and they say theres a possibility my eggs arent a good quality. im 28 and my bf 32.  its a hell of a rollercoaster, never knowing if itll be our turn. im not giving up but i know a side of me stopped believing and hoping to see a positive, im going with the flow. too emotional draining to hope and be disappointed. how are you coping?

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