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I just don't get it..

Been married 4 years, and for 3 years I have been following my "fertile window" no tracking, not anything, just baby dancing through my fertile window whenever we're in the mood. Finally got pregnant this past feb, unfortunately I MC. So now that we've talked and discussed wanting a family, we're ready. So now for 4 months I've been tracking with opks. My cycles are very regular and on point, always has been. I'm healthy and my husband sperm has no issue. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong? I bd before I ovulate, we bd on ovulation day. What is it? Kills me cause I just want to start a family and bless my family with this baby. Any feedback would be appreciated. Anyone dealing with the same thing? Thank You 


  • Hi kadiebrz sorry to hear of the rough ride you have had so far 4 months isn't to bad, I know it feels like forever I'm in my 6th month now so I do know how you feel. Some people take a little longer than others. Are you doing your temps? They really help to understand if ovulation has actually occurred. I have recently started my dh on wellman conception vitamins they have very good reviews. Good luck to you I hope u get ur BFP soon xx

  • I don't temp because I wake up at different times everyday. I'll have to get my husband on some vitamins. Thanks for the response 

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