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TTC for 4 year now with PCOS

Hello Everyone image

New here so please me nice!

I was diagnosed was PCOS (Polycycstic Ovaries Syndrome) in may 2012. Me and my partner have been trying for a baby since 4 & a bit years now. Ive asked my gp to semd me for another transviganl scan to see how bad my cysts are? As all i know is that i have pcos and im to get on and live with it. It's hard in all aspects, physically, emotionally & mentally. Will it ever happen for us? I know and appreciate that other women have been trying a lot longer than myself and are still childless. I would try anything if it ment I would fall pregnant successfully, have a healthy pregnacy? What helped you in my condition? What's tips? Any success stories? 

Thank you 


  • Hi sorry your going through this I'm in the same boat ttc for 5 years .. dh has low sperm and I have pcos so they told us ivf was only option . I'm. Also going to ask for another scan i have been having a lot of ovary pain on one side the last 2 months . I started taking seven seas trying for a baby last wk but it has made my period heavy usually it's gone after 4 or 5 days but it's day 7 still heavy maybe I will have to go off these vits.. and I heard lots of good story's about these vits 

  • Hey GraceJacobs1

    I feel your pain, I got diagnosed with PCOS aged 21 and been TTC naturally for 8 years now.

    PCOS does not always mean you have cysts, it could be you solely have the hormonal imbalance, which there are lots of natural remedies to balance as well as medical such as metformin tablets from the Dr.

    As a means to "up my ttc game" I am now trying Clomid in the hope it enduces ovulation as we believe I do not ovulate naturally. Then baby dance as much as possible over this period of time. 

    Speak to your Dr about your concerns as they should definitely speak to you about metformin.

    All the best

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