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Low Egg Reserve/not ovulating - anyone else??

Hi All,

I’m 36 in august, Been trying to conceive for over 15 months no joy! image

I have been refered to the fertility doctor and had some tests done.

from my progesterone and FSH tests its bad news. I have low egg reserve and I don’t ovulate. I have been told my BMI is high and the doctor won’t give me any tablets until I loss some weigh. Basically to show them I am serious about having a baby (is he joking!!! 😡) 

I have regular cycles but I have been using ovulation kits and even on my ”ovulation“ week I’m not ovulating at all. its becoming more and more upsetting.

I had an internal scan and they said one of my ovaries is small and I also have a small cyst  there is also a chance my tubes may be blocked.

Im due to have another procedure where they insert dye in me, they have advised this may unblock a tube.

Has anyone been told the same and still been successful?

we are not elibible for IVF on the NHS as my partner has already fathered 2 children in his previous relationship. 

I’m trying to stay positive all my friends have children or pregnant at the moment.

Any successful stories would really help as I feel like there is no chance. 


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