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Low progesterone

Afternoon. I’m wondering if anyone can give me any advice. So been TTC for over 2 years now. Around 6 months ago I was diagnosed with UAT. GP believes this is the reason for my infertility. January this year I was referred to a fertility specialist. Eventually I was prescribed Clomid. I have had my first round of Clomid. Was expecting AF to arrive today. I had my progesterone 21 blood test 1 weeks ago today and the result was 41.9. However I also started spotting 1 week ago today. Which suggests to me my progesterone has dipped dramatically. I Can’t contact my consultant as she is an annual leave and her secretary said to continue with 50mg Clomid for my next cycle because I have ovulated. I made an appointment with my gp today because I really concerned over the spotting and how long it has continued for she suggested not starting second round of Clomid until I can speak to my consultant. So my question is has anyone had experience with spotting on Clomid? With what is happening in my cycle, does this suggest low progesterone? I’m literally at my wits end. Thanks for reading. 

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