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Clomid side effects and Journey

Hey everyone,

Im new to MadeForMums so still need to learn the lingo. Ive been TTC for almost 3 years now. Ive finally been referred to a fertility specialist. Ive had a HSG (which is so painful), and was sent my report through the post advising Clomid maybe an option for me before IVF due to being diagnosed with PCOS in 2016.

Ive researched Clomid extensively and there are some side effects I'm slightly worried about. It explains that Clomid used to conceive may have developmental issues like spina bifida, cleft palate, or heart abnormalities to the baby.

I know this is super personal and I completely appreciate if no one wants to share but I just wanted to see how common these are, or if anyone has found any similar research around this?

Also, Id love to hear about everyone's journey on Clomid and how long it took to conceive!!

thank you all so much in advance. P.s Congrates on all the beautiful pregnancies!!


  • Hi hope you’re okay! I know this is a old post but i was wondering if you went ahead with the clomid and if you got pregnant?xx
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