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advice about late ovualtion please

Hello ladies, I usually post in TTC, but just asking for a quick bit of advice please,

It's CD 22 and as much I want to believe, my body is showing no signs of OV, my last 2 cycles were 35 days and I OV'd on CD 22 (use bbt and observe cm so pretty sure it's accurate), I really thought my body was settling into a routine since mc back in May. I usually get several days of EWCM prior to ov and there's none of that at the moment so I know we're a while away yet.

I've been doing some googling - dangerous I know, but what I really want to know is do you ladies think or know if late ovulation can contribute to infertility or 'bad eggs'. I've read that you shouldn;t even TTC in a cycle if you OV CD18 or later, but then there's other webistes that say it doesn't matter.

My LP is 12-13 days usually so I'm not concerned there as I thought this bit was the most important to give the egg chance to 'implant' (if I ever release one again :\? )

I know the GP's won't do anything until you have been TTC for 1 year or have short LP but is there any point going sooner if my ovulation continues to be late so I can be tested for PCOS or ask for clomid to get things moving, or will they just tell me to be patient (I don't want to be patient, I want to be pregnant :\( ),

Sorry for the moan, I'm usually pretty chirpy, but just feeling a bit useless at the moment,
Thanks in advance x


  • Hi Hon,

    Didnt want to r & r, Im also a late ovulater, yes there are articles out there that say about late ov being bad for eggs, but im with fertility clinic now and them seem to think late ov is perfectly fine, like you said as long as LP is long enough. I ov anywhere between 17 - 21 and only on clomid.

    I know being patient is shite, but when youve been going for 12 months plus you sort of learn to live with it,, infact you have too because otherwise you go mad.. i very nearly lost the plot but realised i had to find a way to ttc without losing my mind. It took me 10 months of ttc and no af's, hycosys, scans and blood tests before i was given clomid, i think if you are ov naturally they would be unlikely to prescribe. Also it can actually make things worse, for example it gives me hot flushes, head aches and (sorry tmi) drys up CM, which is bad for ttc! I would avoid it if you can. Not trying to sound negative just think there may be a better way, how long you been trying hon?

    Good luck, Baby dust

    Gemma x

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