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Looks like we both had exactly the same conversation with the GP - I'm going to have my first bloods done tomorrow and then the sscond lot in a couple of weeks.

Our GP wasn;t overly worried - didn't think there was any reason why we were having problems and put my mind at rest a lot. We thought we'd go through these basic steps just to rule out any problems.

Hope we both get good news soon x x


  • Hi gypsy, well at least the docs are consistant! Just read your other thread, the stats that 19 out of 20 couples get pg within 2 years, thats really encouraging. For some reason feel more negative than before i went, think i expected her to say dont worry and keep trying! but at least if everythings ok it puts your mind at ease. Don't really want DH to have to go through the SA tho, feel bad. Hope he doesn't get stage fright!!

    So what bloods are you having done today? FSH or progesterone? My progesterone levels are being done on Tuesday - CD19.

    Hope bloods go ok today. As horrible as it is, its nice to have someone going through the same at the same time!x
  • Hiya! Definitely lovely to have someone go through the same thing at the same time image

    I'm having FSH bloods done today - just about ready to leave the house in fact - once I find a book to take with me incase I have to wait for hours!

    I felt better after talking to the doc - he did tell me there was nothing to worry about and said he'd only send us for tests if we felt like we wanted to do them - I was happy to wait a bit longer but hubby said we may as well. He's more than a little worried about his test, but we've tried to joke about it as much as possible image

    Will update this thread when I get back!
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