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Private gyno Update (also posted in general ttc forum)

Hi all, sorry I didn't post yesterday, guess nobody minds, LOL!

Gyno confirmed that the 6mth progesterone stops O and could possibly help cycle after, possibly not, no guarantee. Said it was the standard here and then after that they look into sperm tests, HSG and then meds or whatever depending on results.

Anyway she didn't do an internal as I showed her the previous results and she said that I obviously have pcos and no need to recheck, great!

I said I did not want to feel like I was wasting 6mths after wasting 12 already (10 really but not important if I don't O). Anyway she's put me forward for a HSG which I wanted but I will be sooooooo nervous about those results after so much bad luck recently and history of chlamydia. I need to at least have nice clear tubes please, the pcos is enough! Anyway I can't have it until after af so last night I had the first of 10 progesterone so guessing I'll have the hsg in maybe 23 days or so.

DH is also going to do a sperm test so hoping he'll be able to drop that in next Tues, he's already nervous about 'performing' on demand so fingers crossed. Also need this one to be ok, we really have enough on at the moment with stress so can't take much more bad news.

After those I'm hoping we can take results to private fertility specialist but not entirely sure if we're covered for that bit so need to see when we have results etc. If not then I'll have to wait for the nhs style appt and whichever way I think I'm going to have to do the 6mth progesterone bit too, who knows. I'd prefer something more pro active if it doesn't end up making a difference!

So anyway I am pleased that we can at least proceed a bit more with tests. Oh and I asked her about blood tests and she didn't seem to think it was important. Will suggest those at next appt maybe although not sure what difference it'll make. Oh and in all the test excitement I forgot to ask about vits and diet, gggrrr.

Then this morning when I got up I was sure there was a tiny bit of ewcm and I was wetter. Probably related to the tablet but anyway I was hoping for a miricle. DH wouldn't BD due to stress and migriane but said later, I will be sooooo upset if he can't at least try once if I have to wait 6mths etc. Probably useless anyway as the progesterone is to force period but in my silly mind I kind of hoped it's worth a shot. Will try to BD later but will expect af followed by HSG. Even after these terrible days I can still convince myself that I'm 'normal', cruel body!

Thanks for reading if you got this far, doubt I'll have much to post about now for a while x Goodluck to everyone else x
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