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Af after HSG.... What do think?

Well as most of you will know, i was 4/5 days late this cycle... i started spotting yesterday and today AF came with evengance!!.... Very heavy (clots), sorest period pains ive had for years!.... I normally bleed lightly for a few days and thats my AF... with slight aches on the first day!
What do u lovely ladies think of this, has this happened to anyone after there HSG?... will u put it down to HSG or just a very different AF to norml??

xx Thanx xx


  • Hey hon, sorry to hear she arrived and you're in so much pain. My AF was also heavier after HSG. I figured it was my body having a good old clear out as maybe the dye had pushed out any clogged up areas. Nit sure if that's true though. Hope it eases off soon honey xxx
  • When I had my HSG I had a very heavy period at the end of the month, and I think that was a good clear out of the system as the HSG is meant to "flush" you out. I really hope that this flush out gives you a BFP next month, xxx
  • Hey TBD and Rachel....

    Thanx for ure replies.... yeah pains have eased off a great deal and also feeling a bit better.... i woke up this morning in a stinking mood!! ha
    Glad to hear that you both had similar AF's after your HSG too! image

    Hope your enjoying your weekend ladies! image

  • I have just had my first AF after HSG and it was hideous. But I also had huge and sore boobs from day 14, so obvs I thought I was pregnant, but sadly not image

    Hoping to start IUI next month.

  • Hi suzannhp, how are you getting along with IUI?

    I had my HSG yesterday, now dreading my next AF! Had no idea it would be effected! I'm not sure when I'll get the results of the HSG so a fair way off any progress yet

  • Hi Vass,

    When i had my HSG last thursday, they told me my results straight away? the doctor asked me if i wanted to know my results then or wait?

    did you find it was painful?

    paige x

  • I has a HSG on 9th Aug, it was extremely painful to the point where I almost passed out. The doctor said it was because I have never been pregnant (rub it in then!) and therefore the neck of my womb has never stretched, hence the pain.

    I went back to the hospital 2 days later as was bleeding heavily and in pain, they gave me antibiotics for an infection and the bleeding stopped.

    Was getting fairly confident about this cycle as had proper ewcm for the first time and my boobs have been huge since ovulation. But this morning it looks like AF is almost here as within minutes of waking I had the most painful cramps I have ever had, but no bleeding yet. I have tested and definitely not pregnant.

    I have take painkillers and refusing to get out of the bath, much to hubby's amusement image I really hope the whole AF is not this painful.

    On the plus side I get to start clomid this cycle, fingers crossed!

  • Forgot to sat, I also had the results there and then. Was resistance to the dye but it was able to push through and tubes are now clear. Doctor thought there may have been mucus or something blocking the tubes but no scar tissue or anything more serious image so it was worth the pain to find out x
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