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no IVF for us this month!!! Also in ttc.

Just got back from my IVF appt and they are not happy with my FSH level and want to re test as it was high. Other tests have been ok so they think and i hope it is just a blip or i am not going to be eligible for the treatment. Feeling disappointed but thinking positively, it gives us another shot at au naturelle before we start. Onwards and upwards!!! xx


  • Oh hun, I am sorry... what level was your FSH? I know it varies hospital to hospital?! Fingers crossed it is just a blip and like you said enjoy trying au naturelle imageimageimageimage xxx
  • It has gone fro 2.8 to i think 14. something. I was i a daze. She said that it was really high and asked about early menopause in my family. They said try not to worry as it could be because i may have still had some clomid in my system. They are letting me go in on saturday morning as a special case to retest as should be day 4 by then if the witch hurries up and shows her face. It's definitely looming i can feel it. Did a test at 16dpo this morning and it was negative. xx
  • Katie that is a big jump, it must be a glitch or something. It seems weird to have gone so high. I am sorry to hear that that your test was negative this morning and if the witch is going to show I really hope that it shows up ASAP so you can get your new test in.
    I really hope that FSH lowers.
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