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Questions to ask -

OK girls you are the experts and I'm hoping to draw on you pool of knowledge:

Have first official fert appt on wed:

I have reg cycles (28 days usually) have had day 1-3 and 21, OH has had SA of which we will get results on wed, I have funny brown bleed 5 days before af is due think this is proj def:

So what questions do you think I should ask? Want to go in with a list!!! Is there anything you have and thought I wish I'd have asked that etc etc, any thing would be greatly appreciated as you may come up with questions I wouldn't even think or know to ask.

Thanks again



  • Hey Moonbean

    Good luck....
    I think I would ask them whether the blood results indicate I ovulate.?

    Ask if the SA is OK?

    Ask about the spotting and say you are worried it is prog deficinecy

    You may find you end up having a tube check by Hycosy or similar if you havent had one yet possibly with an ultrasound tp check out your ovaries.

    Thats about it really - you might find they cover some of these topics in the initial chat they do but its good to have some pointers so you dont forget.

    Let us know how you get on

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  • Hi MB, i've been compiling questions for the last couple of days also, But i'm a bit further on than you so mine are based mainly around clomid.
    For my first appt, i didnt really ask anything, he just sent me for further tests. He wouldnt discuss treatment or the next step because he wants to take it one stage at a time!
    Not long now only 2days.......if i dont speak to you before GOOD LUCK!!! xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Moonbean,
    First wanted to say good luck for Wednesday!

    I think I just wanted to know what they could do. But they first focused on booking for tests, they did swabs too first. They also scanned me for PCOS. I ask about what things they'll be checking, write down the things you're worried about, and make notes on what they say, as you'll hear it and nod. Walk out of the room and have a mind blank if you're anything like me!!
    Good luck again!
  • thanks girls Jess have been thinking about you too!!! LOL good luck to you for wed really hope you get clomid and am I right in thinking your cd1 should be on wed so if you get the clomid your good to go??? If so yee ha LOL Let me know how you get on a vice versa.
  • Well i'll be CD28 on wed, but no signs of AF yet! I'm getting so excited, i cant wait! Tomorrow is gonna be such a long day. At work 8-1.30 then appts not till 4.30, i wish it was in the morning like yours! Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Aw good luck to you both hope all goes well. Iv got mine next week xx
  • Good luck Moonbeam and Jess.
  • good luck for next week loubylou hope all goes well xx

    Jess could you pull an emerald??!!!!
  • Whats an emerald?? xx
  • emerald was a girl on here she went for her first appointment was waiting on her af so she could start her clmid but instead got a BFP!!! Happened last month!!! She was also form norn iron
  • Just a quick message to say goodluck for tomorrow Moonbean!
    Kiz xxx
  • aw thanks kizzi ur wee cat is gorge by thway lol xx
  • I hope i do pull an emerald then, BUT i dont think so!!!! x
  • Hey guys, i have been 6 days late on my period and i took a test yesterday but i got a very very faint line, am i pregnant? And should i do another one to see if it will become darker, thanks ladies, i will need all the help i can get

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