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IUI here we come!!!!

I'm going to burst if I don't tell someone and I can't get hold of HB - we've got our first appointment at the fertility clinic booked!!! We had our referral from Gynae a good few weeks ago and it was driving me nuts that I hadn't heard anything so I've just called and turns out they sent us a letter which hasn't got to us. There's an open evening tonight, which we're sadly going to have to miss becasue we didn't know about it but the lady on the phone booked our first appointment then and there - it's 3 weeks today!!!!

The first appt is a chat with the nurse and we then get another appointment two weeks later to plan our treatment, which means our first IUI cycle will probably be April! I've really been struggling the last few weeks / months, I think perhaps because my age is starting to niggle a bit (36) and not knowing the next stage / date made me feel as if we were in limbo.

I'm just so excited that after nearly 2 years we're actaully going to get some concrete help. It's so good to know where we stand too - 2 cycles of IUI followed by one of IVF and then private if we choose to go down that route. I so, so hope it works and I really feel as if we're a step closer. If nothing else at least there's no more waiting!!



  • WooooHHHHHoooooo Honey!!!

    Thats is fantastic news i bet your grinin like a cheshire cat!!!!!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world chick!!!
  • Daisy thats really totally teriffic. You have a plan and a timescale. First IUI in three weeks thats great. Also inbetween treatments you are still TTC so still chances then.
    Great news
  • aw chick thats really great to hear i am really happy for you all the best of luck my love xxx
  • Oh thats brilliant news. How exciting to think that it'll hopefully be happening in april.
    Hope it all goes well.
  • That's so exciting! Wishing you all the luck in the world and I hope the next 3 weeks fly by! xx
  • Thanks so much girls. I do feel on top of the world! The waiting was driving me mad (and we all know about waiting!). I think it's mostly that I feel as if the pressure has been taken off. It's up to the doctors now and not me and that feels great!!

    HB was sooooo excited too when I got hold of him. Turned out though he couldn't make the appointment 3 weeks today because of an imovable work thing so the appointment is now the 24th - I panicked a bit at first, but actually only a few days later, so no problem. Not going to be able to do that once we have treatment though - going to need him and his swimmers in the right place at the right time!

    Moonbeam - I've not been on the forum much in the last week or so because I was feeling a bit bleurgh. Sorry I missed your post when you felt a bit wonky. Hope you're feeling much brighter now. :\)

  • aw chick thanks very muchI should prob take a leaf out of your book and go quiet rather than drunk and mad posting LOL Alright now and as silly as it sounds although I of course want a BFP it makes me really happy to know you and others are really close to it xxx Sounds silly but you really deserve it after all this time you don't begrudge a LTTC BFP. FIngers crossed for you xxxx
  • Daisy,

    Just wanted to wish you all the best for your IUI, loads of PMa and a big dose of baby dust coming your way!

    Its such a relief to get a time scale. I've been told my HSG is in the next two weeks if they have space and then fter that i will be seen at the fertility clinic with 3 mths so i know how it feels when things are taken out of limbo finally!!

    Do you mind me asking if you had any other treatment before opting for IUI and why did they go for IUI first?

  • Aw, thanks Moonbeam. I feel just the same about all of you lovely LTTTC girls, any BFP is wonderful news. Drunk, mad posting is very cathartic if you ask me - definitely no bad thing!

    Thank you too Emerald. Great news about your HSG and I totally agree, just knowing what's going to happen when is great and takes so much pressure off. We've not had any treatment so far. Lots of blood tests, SA and an HSG and since they've found nothing wrong we had to be trying for 2 years before we could have any treatment. They then go straight for IUI because it's less invasive than IVF and if there's nothing obviously wrong they try that first. We have two cycles of IUI free and then one of IVF and are then left to our own devices. Have they let you know how your treatment will go?

  • Oh fab news DG..... Hey!!! Im soooo pleased!!
    Have you moved clinics yet hun??

    Fingers crossed for you..... xxxx
  • No they haven't told me what will happen - think i just have to wait to get the HSG done and then it will be a 13 week wait to i see the consultant at the fertility clinic. I'm guessing it will be at that appointment that they discuss options. There is talk that i will be put on clomid as i have long cycles and my consultant told me that if your cycle is 34/35 days or longer then ovulation is very unlikely. So clomid first me thinks!!

  • Ooooh clomid sounds good Emerald - always a boost! I think I'll get that with IUI too and I must say I'm as excited about the Clomid as I am the IUI!

    Thanks Boo. Not moved yet - I think it might be harder because we'd have to move PCT and now we've got our appointment I daren't try!! Have you moved PCT or just clinic?

  • oooo daisy girl I have everything crossed for you honey, such a positive step in the right direction.

    Now is the time to relax and look after yourself to prepare.

    Take care

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