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what are symptoms of blocked tubes?

just wondered if you get any symptoms when your tubes are blocked? The doctor at my fertility clinic has mentioned this as a possibility and hinted at getting an x-ray test done. I don't want to have an x-ray as we're TTC and I know you shouldn't have an x-ray if there's a chance you're pregnant.


  • Hi Gina

    It was about this time last week that I was laying on the scan bed being told that I have a blocked tube, news which I am still trying to take in and finding hard to get my head around.

    But anyway, there are no symptoms associated with this whatsoever as far as I am aware of. I certainly don't have any, apart from the fact that I am struggling to conceive as it obviously reduces your chances.

    As for the x-ray your doctor is probably referring to a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG, which is the usual test for discovering blocked tubes. It involves inserting a tube and then dye through your cervix and taking x-ray images to see where the dye is flowing. The HSG is carried out in the early part of your cycle (hospital rules vary but is usually before day 10) so that there is no chance you can be pregnant when you have the procedure so don't worry about that.

    If you've been ttc a long time it is worthwhile having it done. Even though I am gutted that i received bad news it is at least, for me, an explanation as to why it isn't happening for us and I can now try to take positive steps forward.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  • Hi,

    I only have one working tube and have no symptoms save from scanty periods. They were every other month which I thought tied in with one tube being faulty however, when I saw an IVF consultant recently he said that this was not the case!!!

    Anyway, definitely worth having a HSG and good luck honey!

  • hi
    thanks for replies. Angelfish - sorry to hear you've got a blocked tube, but like you said, at least you know now and something can be done about it.
    I'm just a coward and don't want to be prodded. But if I do have a blocked tube and it could be easily sorted out, I'd be mad with myself for not finding out earlier.
    We've been TTC for 2 years, after C-scar healed from our first LO. So I guess that's been long enough. What with my being nearer to 50 than 40, I should get some tests done.
  • Gina, it's such a quick procedure and is one of the first steps towards finding out if there is a problem. Admittedly it's a little uncomfortable, some people find it painful but I would just describe it as discomfort rather than pain. It is for such a short time (less than 20 minutes for me) that it is worth enduring. If your doctor has advised it then it is probably worth going for. Best of luck.
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