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advice about metformin welcome!

I have been prescribed with metformin this week, but because of the side effects and as I'm a teacher taking children on a residential trip this week, I have thought better of starting it now. I was wondering if anybody has got any advice for taking it!
I'm also joining the gym as I am determined that the gym, healthy eating and metformin will jump start my cycles again!

Wish me luck,x


  • Hi wannabeamummy,

    I'm also a teacher and for that reason started met during half-term.

    I read loads of horror stories about met bum but to be honest I've been on it 4 weeks now and it's generally ok.

    I'd wait til after the trip. Make sure you take it after you've eaten/on a full stomach and spread them out.

    I had an upset stomach and some stomach cramps for the first 2-3 days but touch wood I've been ok since, The odd bit of stomach ache and heartburn but nothing anywhere near as bad as I'd expected.

    Good luck! xxx
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