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Progesterone cream??

I seen this on the net you take it to help with implantation, am feeling a bit desperate and wanted to know what you lot thought. JJenko is this the stuff that you had to take?? Is it harmful to take if it hasn't be prescribed??

ANy advise would be helpful I ov'd on Tues and now in 2ww as I have unusual bleeding am wondering would this help, however I have read that some ladies on this site take it to bring on AF which again I would not want to be doing!!! Please help xx


  • Hi honey i have heard of this before but can't remember what it was used for.

    I was persribed progestrone TABLETS to bring on AF but its kind of trick on ur body really.
    The progestrone is normally used/persribed to delay an immenanat AF for example if u had hoilday coming up or something- i've also been perscribed it for my endo before as i couldn't stop spotting/bleeding and this helped. So it in theory tricks it into thinking its delaying a af so when u stop taking it AF arrives.

    hope that makes sense???

    But like i said i'm not sure if its the same with the cream but i;'m sure some women take it if they have short LP????

  • Hey Moonbean
    Ivf ladies and people doing frozen transfers like Mrs Lizzie K take progesterone pesseries at a specified time point. This is supposed to support the implantation and also I think the case of IVF/ICSI to help offset some of the effects of treatment. If you have to take the stimulating injections for a long time you take more progesterone.
    I can understand why you want to do this I really can.
    However I think with the progesterone the timing is a really crucial thing. With IVF and frozen transfer they give you drugs for three weeks to gain control of the cycle and time the other hormones like progesterone in relation to that.

    Like you say provera which is also progesterone can give you AF.

    Without precise timing it might not have the effect you were hoping for

    If you have a short luteal phase - that is the number of days between ovulation and AF is 9 days or less then I think the GP sometimes prescribes progesterone.
    Have you had day 21 blood tests (that checks progesterone post ov) and what is the length of your luteal phase

    Also progesterone I have is in form of 400mg pessaries not sure on the strength of the cream - pretty sure my mum had cream to help with menopause symptoms so my not be right strength

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for replying you two, re menopause it says that on nearly all the sites. You explained the AF thing well to me lilac I get what it is for now.

    I know what you mean too jjenko it is a bit daft to take something not prescribed the internet is actually quite a dangerous place if you don't have enough wit isn't it.

    I had 21 blood test done in June and it came back OK, whatever that means as I wasn't even sure what they were testing for. I might actually ring the drs back would they have the exact level of whatever it is they are testing ontheir notes?? Mt luteal ohase is 14 days which is normal I am a 28 day text book girl, however when I did get those 21 day bloods I was not suffering form this odd staining/bleeding which occurs 7 days before AF, I always know I'm not pg 1 week after ov as this starts which is why i was thinking may be not producing enough prog, also like you say jjenko it does state you need to use it for about 3 weeks.

    Sort of clutching at straws and don't mean to casue offense to any one but obviously want to try and do anything to avoid having to get treatment done, know its silly but the thought of it petrifies me!!!! LOL after what a lot of you have been through I know I am daft and I know you are all fine (the majority of the time considering) but its just one of those wee things you have.

    Thanks for the advice, what is the normal level of prog, or the range of normal is prob more of an accurate request!!!

    Getting 21 day bloods again on Tues so could ring through to get results I suppose then too, woudl it confirm if I was producing enough lining?
  • Hey moonbean
    You can get your 21 day bloods and find out the normal range of progesterone for the luteal phase. Should be able to find it on the internet.
    If not post and I will have a look at work
    As for the lining thickness can only be measured using ultrasound but I would imagine everything should be fine if progesterone levels are ok
  • thanks again for your quick reply - I have a presentation to do for work tomorrow and I can't egt off this site!!! I will now, althought I'll look for prog levels first!!!! LOL then its off to work for me!!!!
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