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what to expect? Will we get help on Friday?(also in PCOS)

Hi girls
got my first appointment to see the consultant on Friday, I have already been diagnosed with PCOS and OH has had SA results back - everything is fine there!

I was just wondering if anyone could help me with what to expect?

Does anyone know if I will get metformin/clomid on this appointment or will I have to wait longer?



  • how long did you have to wait until your next appointment?
  • how long did you have to wait until your next appointment?
  • I had my first appointment about 6 weeks ago having being diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago. Appointment was lots of questions for both me and OH, internal exam then sent for blood tests. Also had to go for a HSG test to check that tubes were clear and uterus ok as my health authority won't commence ovulation induction without this. hope this helps! image
  • had you already had recently bloods and scan results? I only had mine done in February, so am hoping the results will be current enough to just get some treatment! Do you think this will be possible?
  • hi, I'd had bloods done by my GP but just standard hormone tests as AF pretty much never visits so they didn't want to wait to do blood tests at various points in cycle as that could take up to a year! Had to take hormones to make AF visit as they can only do HSG test before day 10 in cycle now I am waiting for May appointment to come round to find out next steps. it was only 3 weeks between my first appt and the HSG test so things seem to be moving pretty fast now that the process has started! well... so far anyway! Good luck for Friday!
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