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Four years in

Hi everyone, I’m new here but not new to TTC. We’ve been trying for over 4 years, and apart from the odd miscarriage and chemical pregnancy, have had zero luck. I’m currently 10dpo and have some pretty severe cramps. I’m not one to cramp a whole lot before or during AF, so this is out of the ordinary for me.
I know in the past this has always been a sign of pregnancy for me, however I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis which has been difficult to get under control, so I’m terrified of getting my hopes up.
i guess at this stage I’m hoping for some luck or baby dust, and people I can speak with who understand the struggle. xx


  • Hi joTTC sorry to hear about your mc 
    But  are you taking any meds to control Thyroid? 
    i know people who had thyroid and they are on medicine on regular basis they took their meds whole pregnancy and delivered healthy babies so dont worry it will come to you this cycle.
    Baby dust to you
  • Yes, I’m on Levothyroxine (have been for 3 years now) and have my dosages adjusted if required with blood results every 3 months. I also take all the supplements to help me convert T4 to T3, B vitamins, D3 etc.
    I truly hope this cycle is my time and your baby dust brings my rainbow baby 💕 Thank you for the wishes 
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