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Have you seen what's happening over on TTC??

Hi gang.

Cant believe it! Baby Snow started a "Valentines baby" thread and aksed everyone to give her their testing dates and when the EDD would be. So far, everyone who has been on the list has got a bfp!!! image I am thrilled to bits for everyone in their excitement and happiness but at the moment as i am on the verge of giving up for good, it makes me feel a bit sad too that i couldnt be part of it. :cry:

So, if you are due to test soon, i suggest you get on that list!!!! image Some of our ltttcs are on it & have been succesful. Good luck to all you gals, think i will have to content myself with being a cyber auntie to many :cry:image (mixed emotions, sorry!!)

lots of love to you all, you really are a fabulous bunch of girls image bluebird xxxx


  • Thanks Bluebird - I've added myself to the list, just in case it helps ;\)

  • Thats for that, ive added myself, due to test on friday 5th june xxxx
  • Yes I have seen it, didn't realise everyone on it so far had their bfp though! Wasn't going to add but may pop back in now! Can't believe how many bfp's this month, I am usually in ttc after mc and at the rate they are going on there I will be the only one left!
  • I've added myself too. Anything is worth a shot now!

    Good luck ladies (although I'm not due to test until 14th June)

  • When are you all considering the 'test date'? I'm due to ovulate Mon/Tues?
  • Wow - might add myself too! I am thinking loads of positive thoughts too....
  • I've put myself down for test date the day after af is due if I have a 28-my usual max-day cycle. I hope it continues and we all get into february!!!
    Good luck!
    p.s Bluebird-it couldn't hurt to put down a test date at the end of june!!!
  • Oh what a long time ago this was.... How I remember everyone....

    Bee you are still one of my closest friends in the world and I love ya to bits....

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