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3 years ttc hearts is breaking

I am now a few months from 41 and have been ttc 1st with DH it’s literally killing me tbh, my DH has no idea I am sat here now crying (he’s out) I have done several rounds of clomid, I have one working tube and have been diagnosed with endometriosis, which has been removed 5 times, last time was March 2018. Still nothing, not be bite, I feel broken. I do already have two grown up kids that I had in my teens, but would so desperately love to have one with my husband (DH). So as I said few rounds of clomid, which obliterated my lining, so I have gone to a fertility clinic and have done a round of femera/letrazole  I am now with 10 11 or 12 dpo, but temp has been dropping last few days so I’m likely out, Cm is now sticky just like usual when af is due, I’m just gutted, it’s really hit me this cycle, I can’t even eat, I feel so sad because I know times is running out as not ttc from November. Enough enough. Ivf is out of our reach as far too expensive. I’d like to try an injectable cycle but wonder how good that will be as likely my eggs are the issue. I have been taking oestrogen which thickened my lining in time, but clearly I’m still baron. Has anyone got any advice or anything I could do or that has helped for you guys? Anyone get a bfp with temps dropping like a stone?


  • hi thepricey,

    don't be discouraged, it's definitely going to happen for you. I think even though you think IUI won't work because its "your eggs" you should give it a try. Remember IUI is just sperm surpassing the cervix and going straight into the uterus so that could help your chances a ton. I've done 3 IUI's and got it on the first try with a tragic early miscarriage. Now trying again with DW(dear wife) hoping that this is the final cycle. 
  • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, sorry to hear of your loss, really hope you get your take home baby next iui. 
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