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Saw GP for 1st time today

So, DH and I went to the GP today for the 1st time this morning, having been trying for about a year. He's booked me in for day 21 bloods (although he said they'll be more like day 23 as I don't generally ov till about day 20-21). I asked him if DH needed to get tested and he said that's not necessary just yet - is that normal? I would have thought that that would be one of the 1st things they'd test as it's the easiest to eliminate... anyone got any thoughts about this? I also would have thought he'd ask about whether I'd been tested for Chlamydia etc, but he didn't ask about this either...


  • I would have thought that your hubby would have got a SA & you an STD test. Every GP is different though. Maybe ask when you get bloods back?

    Good Luck
  • Hey, we had our 1st visit back in aug- as it was a yr of trying for us too- my doc did my 21 day test first- they came back fine- then after 2 more mths- hubby went for SA and i repeated my 21day bloods- so i guess it is just different depending on doc- good luck!!!
  • Hiya, I'm the same as Claire, my GP did day 21 bloods but everything else was done after I was referred to fertility specialists. Personally I think this is better because GP's are not specialist in fertility and have such limited time that your results may be misinterpreted or tests ordered incorrectly. Your day21 test is a classic example, as Claire says it should be done 7 days after ov, so if you ov on day day 21 go on day 28 (that's what I did as my ov was delayed the cycle I was having tests done), otherwise it may give an inaccurate result (and worry you unnecessarily). Lots of Luck xx
  • Thanks for your help ladies. I'm cd 12 at the mo, so I think I'll start temp charting again (was avoiding it for the last few months, hoping that by stopping thinking about TTC it would just happen - pah!), that way I can go get bloods taken 7 days after I see the temp rise.

    Really glad to have your advice!!

    GG xx
  • Hey just wanted to say, my hubby went alone to our GP without telling me and asked for an SA they did it straight away. They came back fine and we went back together to get the results. They have offered me bloods, keep finding excuses not to go. Its seems to vary quite alot depending on which PCT you fall into xx
  • We had our bloods and my hubby's SA done at our GP clinic and she automatically referred me on at the same time (to save time) due to my age (36). Hubby then had to have another SA which was done this time at the infertility clinic. Plus I had a chlamydia test doneby the consultant so every place varies. However, these things can all take a long time so I really wouldn't wait for the GP to "invite" your Hubby to have a SA (as it were), I'd insist on it now so both your test results will be ready at the same time to be given to you.
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