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Possible to get a false positive on an ovulation test?

I just wondered whether anyone had any info on this. Does an positive ovulation test (CBFM) always indicate ovulation or is it possible to get a positive i.e. 'peak' and not ovulate?



  • It is possible it's wrong unfortunately. I had a peak one month with CBFM but due to stress actually ovulated 2 weeks later (I must have been about to but stress put it off). The only way you can tell is if you're temping, as when I was fertility friend said I hadn't ovulated and I got very confused and annoyed at it but actually, it was right.x
  • Thanks MrsJ36... I was really hoping this was the case. I have missed the past two periods but am not pregnant. It could be that stress has knocked my ovulation off. Am seeing my doctor on Monday to find out what the problem is.

    The thing that confused me was that the first month I missed, my CBFM gave me a 'peak' but I didn't get my period at all. I'd read that if you ovulate you will always bleed so I was a bit confused!
  • I really would start to temp - it really helped me understand my cycles. The CBFM can only indicate when it will be, it doesn't say you definitely have ovulated as it detects certain hormones (as far as I understand!) but those hormones only indicate you may ovulate, not that you will. Stress can cause ovulation to be delayed which is a real pain. It's happened to me twice recently image
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