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a bit random but...

I havent had a natural AF for nearly 18 months due to PCOS. I had a HSG last month and had to take medication to bring one on before I could have it done. This month it arrived all by itself, it caught me by surprise but was really happy, hopefully ive kicked my body back into a regualr cycle (finger's crossed).

Sorry for posting this on here but i didnt know who else would be happy/understanding by me announcing this news.

Hope everyone is well. xxx


  • Hi Emily, good news Hun!

    I know exactly how you feel! I don't ever get natural AF's so when I got one on provera & clomid I was estatic! Funny how we are happy to get a period when others are always gutted!

    Hope your body is starting to get back to some sort of normality!

    Yay for you!!!! image

  • Thats really good news emily, glad your body is giving you a break and returning to normal.

    I'm having hsg on Friday and hoping its going to give me a good clear out ready for a BFP image x
  • Hi Emily

    I found it really good news. I also haven't had an AF for almost a year and am hoping to have my HSG soon and will need the medication before it also so I hope it has the same effect on me! : )

    Can I ask were you sent for the HSG by your GP or a fertility consultant?

  • Hi ladies,

    Thankyou for the replies!

    Fingerscrossed30 I hope hope your HSG goes well and it has the effect you want!

    blin hopefully HSG will bring on a natural AF for you aswell. I was sent by the fertility clinic for my HSG, are you seeing your GP or going through a fertility clinic?

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