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Hi everyone, i need help
I have been diagnosed with PCOS and my specialist has given my clomid as i haven't been getting my periods, didn't get them since stopped the pill for 7 months. i took my first cycle of clomid and i ovulated and got my periods on my next cycle so i started my next clomid cycle. This round i did not receive my periods, i am just over three weeks late now and all my test (home test and blood test) are coming back negative for pregnancy. Now and again i do feel nausea and fatigue, lots of pains in my stomach and bloated as i have put on weight in my stomach. I don't know what to do next and i cant see my specialist until next year. Has this happened to anyone else or something similar ? 


  • Hello Betty, have you had any feedback or changes since this post? I also have Pcos and we're trying to conceive I've just been on my first round of clomid and my period is 2days late. I've taken pregnancy tests, they are negative and I'm experiencing similar symptoms to you. I'm not sure whats going on at the moment. 
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