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Cycle day 1 question

Hello! New here and hoping someone can help.
I have PCOS and my periods are very random. I have started to take Metformin last month and got my first period in ages on the 30th of January.
Earlier this afternoon, 25th of February at about 3pm i started to get a brown discharge which i am presuming is my period starting again which would be great. I keep checking on it and i am now getting a darker brown discharge. Is this day 1 of my cycle or do i count day 1 when there is obviously red blood showing? I am so confused.
When i started my period on the 30th of January it was exactly the same...brown discharge for a day or so then a proper period.
Please tell me if it is classed as day 1 so i can try and figure out a bit more with this TTC business :lol: or when i should count day 1.
Also, if i do count it as day 1...because of the dates i have just told you that would mean i have a 26 day gap betweeen those periods/start of that right/good/bad?
I am just excited at the prospect of having normal periods each month (fingers crossed) as it's a good thing if my body starts to function more normally at least.
If you're wondering why i have made my first post in this forum it is because we have been ttc for a LONG time.


  • Hey Bobby Dazzler
    Welcome - great news that the metformin seems to be working some magic.
    I always thought CD1 was full red flow .

    re the amount of days I think you have to check when you ovulate and then the number of days after - aka your luteal phase. Dont panic even if that seems short at the moment I always wonder when your cycle starts again after such a long time its a bit like the pendulum in a clock and it takes a while to get to its normal rythmn.
    After all this time its great getting a couple of AF and with the possibility of clomid....who knows


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  • Hello BD (LOL how fitting!) I get brown discharge for up to 5-7 days before hand and it gets darker and darker and I would always class, as jjenko states 1st day of red blood as day of period. Good luck glad to see the meds are working xx
  • THANK YOU! Can't say more than that really, you are going to be lifesavers for me i can tell.
    I am thinking of starting my clomid this cycle or next.
  • Welcome!! We are all friendly and the girls on here give really good advice! All the stuff i have read ( and there's been loads) has said to count the first day of red full flow blood as CD1.
    Count the first day of your last AF as CD1 which will be the 3oth january and then count every day up until the next CD 1 but not including it. So if your full flow starts tomorrow - the 27th - you would have a text book 28 day cycle!

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