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Down in dumps

am due to do preg test on saturday, have been sooooo tempted to do it early, as I'm impatient. Have been trying to think positively right up until now. I have had a change and really dont think that I am preg. AF is due sat/sun, and my boobs have got bigger and sore, and I have started to get gripping pains. So feel fed up now, guess I just have to keep fingers crossed.


  • Goodluck Hopefully you'll get a bfp.

    jen xx
  • Argh sunnyd, keep your chin up and fingers crossed that af doesn't find you and you get your long awaited BFP at the weekend. Good luck, i'll keep everything crossed for you. Sx
  • Really hoping she doesn't find you sunnyd - try to keep the pma up. x
  • Hey sunnyd, chin up chick - don't let her get you down. What cycle day are you on? Me and MrsJules are both on 25 and you're welcome cycle with us if you need some PMA - there's a post around here somewhere...

    If it's any help, I always find it easier not to test, to try and forget about it and wait for my af. I ony test if it's two days late, otherwise I drive myself crazy obsessing.


    Rach x
  • Hey sunnyd

    any news honey? I hope your ok xxx
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