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PMA has left the building


  • Oh MrsB I am so sorry PMA has done a runner, but just remember I had literally no symptoms... my boobs didn't hurt, I didn't feel sick nothing... I was convinced that if I was pregnant something would scream out to be IT HAS WORKED! I was convinced my af was on her way the day before it was due, I had completely set myself up for failure and no one was as shocked as me when I got my BFP. I know others, like TBD had no symptoms. In fact I was posting similar to what you have done today a couple of days before my test day and TBD was reassuring me that she had literally no symptoms whatsoever and not to rule anything out.
    You are definitely in the running still sweetie! I know it is easier for me to say it than you to feel it but I have everything crossed and I do have a good feeling for you hun.
    I hope you have something nice planned today. Do the hospital to tell you to test 16 days after or 14 days?
    Sending you a huge PMA hug,
  • Sending you a big bucket of pma!!! Everything crossed for you.
  • mrs b i did not have any obvious symproms until after my period was due so dont loose hope, even with ds 1 i was due on sat and tested on thurs after as started to feel sick on the thurs so this was even loonger before i got symptoms really holding out for u chiick xx
  • deleted post due to security breach by BE
  • Mrs Amanda I didn;t know you were pregnant again congratulations and naturally too how wonderful for you xx
  • I didn't have symptoms either, except I cancelled on a friend as I was convinced my period was on its way and as she'd started ttc the same time as me and it happened first time round, when I had my period the last thing I wanted to do was go and see her and her baby! I had period pains and still do sometimes. My boobs were bigger but they usually were, I suppose I did kind of feel bloated all over but I really thought that was AF.

    Don't give up hope - everyone's different and I know so many people who didn't have any symptoms the month they found out but did every other month and were pleasantly surprised. Good luck!x
  • Ohhh am keeping everything crossed for you lovely.

    I didnt really have any symptoms with this pg if anything that month I had already resigned to the fact that AF was coming & that was that (mainly as well as was going away & coming back to more procedures for recurrent mc), Even had AF-ish like pains dont even know why I tested something inside told me too and what a shock that was when it came back positive done a 2nd test straight after as didnt belevie it.!!

    You'll either be lucky & have a symptom free pg or they'll catch up with you like mine & Rachie's did LOL!!.

    Buckets of PMA & Super Sticky Dust coming your way xxx
  • MrsB how many days pass egg collection will you be on friday? 14 or 16? I still have everything crossed for you! I hope you are doing OK, These last couple of days are the worse, huge hugs xx
  • Hey MrsB, thinking of Rachie says I also had literally NO symptoms other than being convinced AF was coming. Looking back the only difference was not having the usual AF moodiness. I think it's actually more unusual to get the symptoms early on despite the fact that we all constantly search for them! As LJ says, they will catch up with you im 7 weeks I definitely did have symptoms but v few before this point. LOADS and LOADS of luck xx
  • Hi MrsB,

    You may want to have a peek at a post I typed earlier in the week about my friend who had been having IVF. It's under 'look no further for inspiration'. Sending you love- I'll be thinking of you as it gets closer xxx
  • MrsB I want to wish you the best of luck for tomorrow...I have absolutely EVERYTHING crossed that it will be good news for you. Hope you are doing OK, xx
  • Keep hanging in there MrsB, I have such a good feeling about it. I just know tomorrow is going to be a good day! Keeping everything crossed and not uncrossing anything until I see your BFP post! Thinking of you. xx
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