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Ovulation inducing naturally??

Hey so I’m new here but not new to ttc, a very long complicated story but due to health complications we have had a long time off ttc. This month I was due to start inducing ovulation under a fertility clinic..... due to the Coronavirus we have been told it’s unlikely that we will be seen for a long time and been discharged back to the GP 😩💔 
I’ve been taking ovulation tests at home this cycle but due to pcos I’ve had 3 different ‘peaks’ so doubt the tests are working for us. 

Is there anything from home i can I can take to cause ovulation? 


  • @Mrs2017baby I’m sorry about your app. I am in a similar situation for appointments. It sucks. 
    As for inducing ovulation I’m not sure I’m afraid. Is it worth trying bbt along side opk? That was it will confirm when you ovulate (if at all).

    a lady in another group has such loooong Irregular cycles and has just started Vitex. She has just ovulated on CD15 of her first month using that.  Maybe that is something to look at? 
  • Hi, we are ttc for the last 6 years, I used to have an irregular cycle, no ovulation, etc and as I won't get fertility treatment because I have a child from the previous relationship and I had to pay thousands for I started searching natural options. Now it's all back to normal everything is working like with the clock :) I am using Vitex, Maca, Ashwagandha, and Berberine. Also from the last cycle, I've enrolled Tribulus Terrestris ( my husband is taking is as well - he has Antisperm Antibodies). I had 7 miscarriages in the past.
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