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Can I join you please?

Month 10 is now over due to the arrival of AF. As I'm going to get a docs appointment this week, I feel like I want to join this forum now, if that's alright?

x x


  • hi gypsy
    welcome to the group. course its alright. the more the merrier.
    have you been to doc already or making your first appt?
  • Hey gypsy and welcome to this section of the site. Not really pleasd to see you here because its not nice to see anyone on this long term ttc/infertility site as that means no BFP but hopefully if you get in to the docs they'll sort you out and you'll not be here long!
  • Welcome gypsy, sorry to see you here :\( (you know what I mean).

    Good luck at your doctors appt hun, I hope they can give you some answers and some hope. buckest of luck x
  • So this is where you're all hiding! lol!!

    I'm going to call tomorrow and make an appointment for me and hubby to go and have a chat - I'm actually looking forward to it, seeing what options there are etc.

    x x
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